Lunar Views

by Doug Anderson

     The following is a list of articles on lunar observing that I have written for our local astronomy club newsletter, The Pulsar. I offer them up here for any interested readers. I hope you find as much enjoyment in reading them as I did writing them.

     The first five articles are intended to be read in order. After that, there is no particular order to the subjects.

Lunar Views #001 - The Often Avoided Moon A little motivation
Lunar Views #002 - The Man in the Moon Patterns of light and dark
Lunar Views #003 - Making an Impact What's the source of all those craters and basins?
Lunar Views #004 - All Craters Are Not Created Equal Craters come in essentially three types
Lunar Views #005 - Lost on the Moon Some of my favorite lunar observing aids
Lunar Views #006 - A Tale of Three Craters Ptolemaeus, Alphosus, and Arzachel