Shoestring Astronomy


     It's not a glitzy website, just a way to share some of my astrophotography experiences and results with anyone that's interested.
Shoestring Astronomy

     I live out in the country in central Iowa, northeast of Des Moines about 40 miles. It's not the best place on earth for astronomy, but not the worst place either. If you can put up with humidity, cold, and mosquitoes (sometimes all at the same time), then this is heaven. Some nights, I think of it as 'Extreme Astronomy'. But, the real beauty is that I can walk across the road from where I live, and be set up in 15 minutes or less. No long drive to get away from the city.
     So, spend some time here, tour the observatory, check out the photo galleries, enjoy. Questions and comments are always welcome by email at

Shoestring Observatory

A quick virtual tour of the observatory

(updated 26-May-2007)

Photography Galleries

The Lunar 100 Plus Gallery

(updated 31-Jan-2006)

The Solar System Gallery

(updated 11-Jan-2007)

The Aurora Borealis Gallery

(updated 5-Jan-2007)

The Deep Sky Gallery

(updated 5-Jan-2007)

The Nature Gallery

(updated 15-Jun-2004)

Lunar Views

I write a column about lunar observing for our local astronomy club newsletter.Click here if you are interested in reading some of these articles.

The Other Stuff

Here are some of my favorite links and other tidbits.